Taichung aUTOMATION 2022

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The last exhibition of Yingguier this year is about to open!

We have launched new products in this exhibition!
But the editor can’t say yet🤫 (just to whet your appetite😜)
If you want to know the functions of new products, come to Taichung Machine Tool Show to find us!

For booth information, please refer to the following:

🔸Venue: Taichung Machine Tool Show
(No. 1, Section 3, Zhongshan Road, Wuri District, Taichung City)
🔸Date: 11/3 (Thu)~11/7 (Mon)
🔸Booth No.: 3177
🔸Time: 9:30 am to 17:00 pm (until 16:00 on the last day)



🗣Ohhhhh~Are you ready for the Taipei Automation exhibition?😎

The Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition will be held this week. Please come out to witness trending technologies in the field of intelligent automation.

The INNGRIT team is looking forward to see you all 💓

Old and new friends are all welcome to visit us at booth M303!

🌈We will be unveiling a new product for everyone to see!! Please don’t miss this showcase, 🔥🔥🔥The latest product is a force to be reckoned with! 🤩

⬇️The exhibition information is listed below ⬇️

Taipei Automation 2020 Taipei Automation Industry Exhibition

📆Date: August 19th ~ August 21st (9:30 am- 17:00 pm), August 22nd (9:30 am- 16:00 pm)

🏢Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, Hall (No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City)

📍Booth number: M303

INNGRIT Zero Point Clamping System sincerely invites you to visit~


TIAE 2020 Taichung Automation Industry Exhibition

Following the Tainan Automation Exhibition, INNGRIT will take part Taichung Automation Industry Exhibition which will be held on 7/22 to 7/26!!!
We will partake in numerous exhibitions this year with venues all over Taiwan.
If you were unable to attend the Tainan Exhibition, you are more than welcome to visit us at the Taichung Exhibition!!!
At this Taichung Exhibition, INNGRIT’s Zero Point Clamping System will be coupled with DETRON’s 4-axis machine (RGX-255H) again.
Please come out to see our booth and products!

There is a special gift waiting for you at this Taichung exhibition
Once again, everyone is welcome to come to peruse our booth and cheer on the INNGRIT team haha~

The exhibition information is outlined below:
TIAE 2020 Taichung Automation Industry Exhibition
July 22~July 25(9:30 am- 17:00 pm) and July 26th (9:30 am- 16:00 pm)
Venue: Taichung International Convention and Exhibition Center (No.161, High-speed Rail Road, Wuri District, Taichung City)
Booth No.: 1119

INNGRIT Zero Point Clamping System sincerely invites you to visit~


INNGRIT's 2019 TIMTOS International Tool Show Memory

INNGRIT’s R. & D. has a commitment to innovative thinking. INNGRIT’s CEO, Mr. Hsu-Pin Chuang and his team of engineers devised an ingenious solution to overcome Taiwan’s shortage of workers, influenced by an aging population. INNGRIT’s solution came in the form of a  Zero-Point Clamping System.

INNGRIT Zero-Point Clamping System outshines its competitors as it boasts an  exclusive invention “Floating Ejector Pin”patent. This floating mechanism pulls the locating pin downward tightly while, the movable socket is simultaneously moved upward and pushed by the reaction of corresponding abutting on annular surface for the bore of the top seat. It further compensates for the clearance to achieve to the Zero-Point Position.

INNGRIT’s  Products allows for easy identification of the Zero-Point pot as it is marked with a conspicuous red circle. This feature ensures that  work pieces, jigs and other modules are always installed in the correct direction.

In today’s globalized world, manufacturers are all gravitating towards industry 4.0 due to the increased manufacturing demands. For this reason, manufacturers are gradually replacing manpower with robotic arms. Unfortunately, a robotic arm alone is still unable to achieved a fully unmanned production line. This is because of the vacuum bounding phenomena, where the exchange plate sticks to the surface of the chucks after the machining process is over. INNGRIT’s patented floating pin technology overcomes this phenomena by lifting the exchange plate approximately 3mm after machining, allowing for easy removal by the machine operator or a robot.    

INNGRIT’ s product has 0.5mm on the datum plane for regrinding, this is the unique in the zero-clamping industry. In this way, the Zero- Point Clamping System saves the cost of material. The locating pin can be utilized repeatedly for over 100,000 times and can still fit and clamp accurately. as well. Even if the locating pin is worn out, the movable socket inside the locating chuck can still lock the locating pin in the center position by the function of releasing the pneumatic or hydraulics power.

Before delivery, all products are  checked by 3D measuring machine ( Mitutoyo ) within 0.005mm accuracy. Each unit comes with the lot number and an enclosed inspection report for subsequent tracking.

INNGRIT’s marketing team cooperates with National University of Tainan doing extensive marketing research by means of the internet. We compared with 32 similar manufacturers all over the world. The research revealed Zero-Point Clamping System has a 70-80% demand in the processing and manufacturing industry.

With regards to price, of INNGRIT’s product is more competitive than others. Secondly, our elite team is ready to serve for our customers in the event an unforeseen problem arises. Our Service team possess technical skills and have received professional training. Please feel free to visit INNGRIT’s website, Facebook fanpage and YouTube.

INNGRIT’s Zero Point Clamping System are much cheaper than its competitors. INNGRIT’ s products are relatively 50% than other brands. In addition to the price, INNGRIT provides customized service. We are capable of meeting our customers demand allowing them to easily integrate our Zero Point Clamps with new or existing workholding devices. INNGRIT’s Zero-Point Clamping System will increase your productivity by significantly reducing setup and changeover times in workholding applications. We have warranty for our products. Each product has its SN and could easily extend its warranty period to 1 year via our website.

INNGRIT’s products are designed with more than a utilitarian purpose in mind. INNGRIT’s design team took months to perfect its appearance while achieving high wear resistance, toughness, strength and hardness, ensuring that INNGRIT’s Zero-Point Clamping System will be a reliable partner on the production line for years to come.


INNGRIt's Solution to Vice Clamping

INNGRIT’s Clamping modules can be easily and rapidly joined together via clamping studs. INNGRIT’s M50 chucks are particularly suited for Vice and other fixtures. The M50 modules can also be clamped to a ⌀62type base plate for additional height. These pneumatic  M50 chucks posses a clamping force of up to  300kg/chuck and a repeat accuracy of 0.005mm.

To find out more information about IINNGRIT’s vice clamping solution feel free to email us at: sales00@inngrit.com or call us at +886-6-2430253 

INNGRIT-  “A reliable partner for increasing your performance efficiency”

INNGRIT'S New Dual Sided Clamping Module

Our New “Dual Side  Zero Point” clamping model is ideal for both horizontal and vertical machine centres. This model gives the machine operator the power to freely adjust the the location of each chuck on the machine table. Our New “Dual Sided”  Zero Point Clamping model is ideal for both horizontal and vertical machine centres. Gives machine operator the positioning flexibility.

To find out more information about IINNGRIT’s New “Dual Sided”  Zero Point Clamping model, feel free to email us at: sales00@inngrit.com or call us at +886-6-2430253